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the 19th Hunger Games: ch.12
Chapter 12
From my moment of victory, everything went too fast. A hovercraft appeared above me, someone came down specially to pry Lan's dead body from my arms and place me onto the ladder. I was hauled up, dragged in and cleaned up but inside I was a mess. Lan's last words where to warn me of the future and to tell me he loved me. I hadn't realised it before until he told me… but he'd been the peaceful spot in my dreams. I hadn't recognized the feeling because I refused to, because in my world love came only in combination with horrible pain. And my winning had only confirmed that idea.
   I was sedated and while I slept, a medical team took care of me. They healed my scars and wounds, treated my skin until it was soft and flawless. They had me strapped to a bed but after being awake for about half an hour they realised the straps were unnecessary. I wasn't going anywhere, I just wanted to sleep and never wake up. Something vital inside of me had died.
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the 19th Hunger Games: ch.11
Chapter 11
The second I asked that question aloud, the whole arena changed. I mean, it literally changed. The ground started to shake and tore apart. We had to get up and run for our lives or we would've been dragged straight into nothingness. One tear turned into a giant gash of at least 70 feet wide. Normally 70 feet is nothing, but in this case it was a lot. Because across of that gap, Ursula and the boy from 4 stood. His arm was wounded but otherwise he seemed healthy. They laughed at us and before too long I realized why: we'd have to come to their side or die here. The ground was tearing up again but out of the 70 feet broad gasp arose pillars, just close enough to each other to jump from one to another. The horrible thing was, on top of each pillar lay a corpse… a dead tribute. Fjöder gasped and pointed, "Look, that's… that's…"
"Don't look," I whispered and grabbed his hand, pulling it down. "Don't. We need to survive. Time for mourning will come. We have to
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the 19th Hunger Games: ch.10
Chapter 10
My dreams were no more than blurs and hazes, flashing colours and vague sounds. But in the midst of all that, there was a patch of silence, a small spot radiating peace. I tried reaching it all the time but it was like a wall was pulled up between me and that one place. Every time I tried focussing on it, it faded away like a ghost.
   I woke up feeling uneasy and my mind was haunted by my dreams. I snapped at everyone in the morning and felt wired and drained in the afternoon. I was no use to anyone and kept to myself in the fort. Like this a few days past, I'm not even sure how many. During those days of feeling unsure and on edge my leg healed up pretty fine and slowly the blisters turned into normal wounds and then flattened themselves on my skin in the form of thin, white scars. After about a week or two I was back into shape and out there hunting for food, berries and fresh water. The forest appeared to be a source of pure luxury and delight. In those tw
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the 19th Hunger Games: ch.9
Chapter 9
When waking up, I vaguely remembered seeing Sylvari's face hovering in the sky. I was convinced she'd tried to kill me, hallucinating that she was still alive. I can't even remember what else I hallucinated about. I saw giant snakes and bumblebees, and tiny kittens with horrible claws and whatnot. I dreamed about being eaten several times too. But all the time I was the worst, a pair of arms was holding me, and another pair of hands working rapid but carefully to fix me. A remember a couple of times I tried to kill the arms and hands but I never succeeded, thank goodness.
   When I finally woke up, my whole body was burning. Everything just hurt and I wanted to go back to sleep, drown myself in dreams about killing hands and kittens. But there was this something that kept nagging at the back of my mind, some tiny voice that whispered I shouldn't be going back to sleep.
"Open your eyes," it whispered.
"No, I wanna sleep and kill hands and stuff." The voice start
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the 19th Hunger Games: ch.8
Chapter 8
Early in the morning I woke up by the sound of splashing water. I tore open my eyes, propped myself up to my elbow and turned my eyes to the lake. Lan and Sylvari were frolicking around like children, hip deep into the water. Lan was holding up a fish triumphantly while Sylvari spattered water onto him. For some reason I wasn't sure how I felt when looking at the whole scene. Then I noticed Oscar, just a few metres away from me, his gaze carefully trained on me.
"Hi," I said, ignoring the look in his eyes. "Slept well have ya?" He nodded and yawned.
"Just the ankle nagging," he murmured. "What about you?"
"Too, minus the ankle," I smiled.
"Had a good conversation last night?" He asked, without smiling back. He was still examining me like I was some strange creature. Immediately I felt my defences rise.
"What is it to you?" I snapped. He inched back and frowned deeply.
"I'm sorry I was just… I don't know. I'm sorry." I hunched my back and sighed.
"No," I breathed, "I'm so
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the 19th Hunger Games: ch. 7
Chapter 7
"There the little bugger is!" the annoying girl who'd nearly cleaved my legs called. "Get him!" She was obviously the leader because the other five approached slowly while she kept standing in her spot just beneath me.
   Lan jumped up as quickly as he could but I could see he was hurt. Still, he grabbed an axe from his belt and started swinging it slowly, scaring the other five.
"He's got a weapon, Ursula," a boy said. I wasn't sure weather he was 1, 2 or 4. But at least it was clear now who the girl was. She was from 1, meaning she had to die. Soon.
"So do you," she said. Lan stepped back and bumped into the tree, grimacing and trying not to reach to his ribs. Maybe they were bruised or even broken. "He's hurt," Ursula continued, having noticed the slight gesture, which he stopped half way. "And there's also no one to help him. Now hurry up a bit so we can all rest." They closed in on him faster now, like a pack of wild dogs surrounding their prey. I couldn't
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the 19th Hunger Games: ch.6
Chapter 6
That night, the night before the games, I had a hard time sleeping. My face was still burning because of my harshly cleaning the make-up off my face. And as I lay there, my mind kept racing, anticipating what to expect in the arena, then discarding the idea and continuing to another. I kept telling myself it was useless, all that thinking, but it was no use. I got out of bed, took a shower, tried sleeping in my underwear but nothing did me any good. I was just too nervous, to afraid. All the events of the past days passed before my eyes. My easy nature before everything, how I stood at the reaping, trying to figure out who'd be reaped. How my names was picked. How Ahm pulled me up the stage in front of the Justice Building. His brilliant smile blinding me. His hatred towards us tributes. Yune with her sparkling angel wings. Hers and Maces brilliant costumes. I saw myself tying lassoes like crazy, showing the kids from 5. I remembered swinging from them while throwing axes dur
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the 19th Hunger Games: ch.5
Chapter 5
The day of the interview was completely different from what I'd had in mind. I'd thought I'd be dressed in pants at least, without any make-up, my hair loose and me being silent as the night. Yune though had completely different thought. When I'd voiced my idea to her the morning after the private session with the Gamemakers, she'd decided she agreed but not about my costume.
   So I ended up with Caesar Flickerman in a short, tight plaid blouse without long sleeves, torn, dark blue hotpants, my own boots and jacket. My hair was shining and drawn back in a messy ponytail, some strands hanging loose. I felt really weird in it. In combination with my dark red lips and smokey eyes I wasn't sure to feel sexy like desirably so or sexy like a prostitute. Then again, the girls who sold their bodies in 10 weren't so sexy. Mostly they were drug addicts. So as I walked onto the stage after Oscar wished me good luck, the crowd fell silent. They all had expected just anoth
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the 19th Hunger Games: ch.4
Chapter 4
That evening, dinner was horrid. Not the food, that part of dinner was great. But the whole atmosphere was drenched with hatred towards one another. No, correction. The whole atmosphere was drenched with hatred towards Ahm, and from his point towards us. He hated Yune and Mace and he hated us. Yune and Mace and Oscar and me, we hated Ahm right back. He'd gotten even more unpleasant after our victorious tour through the Capitol. He hated how the crowd had adored us but even more, he hated how he was now the escort of the two kids who might really stand a chance. He thought he'd get through this easily, seeing us getting killed and then going of to another district, something far better than 10. He had probably hoped for 4 or 2, or maybe 1. But now he had seen how popular we were, his situation was getting tense. The crowd loved us but we were the kids with no mentor, therefore no sponsors. That wouldn't do any good to Ahm reputation, even if it didn't make any sense. The Capit
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the 19th Hunger Games: ch.3
Chapter 3
Trust me, being prepped isn't fun. At all. No fun. It hurts when you're a girl. Maybe it's nasty for boys too but I don't know. I wasn't at Oscar's prepping. I had a nice team though. A man and a woman getting rid of seriously all my body hair with the exception of those on my head. They did cut it though, shorting it until it was a beautiful white wave just past my shoulders, instead of my hips like it used to. It was easier to comb this way and pulling it back into a simple ponytail would make it less likely that I would get tangled up in something in the arena. I didn't mind the cutting. It didn't hurt and it was sort of mesmerizing to see all those locks of hair falling to the ground. They washed it and sprayed it with all kinds of stuff and secretly I wondered whether or not it would do my hair much good. But when they were done with me and I was allowed to put my robe on, I was looking pretty close to beautiful. My eyebrows were fine thin lines, slightly darker than the
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the 19th Hunger Games: ch.2
Chapter 2
That same day we were sent of to the Capitol. The train was more than fancy, it was absurdly over-done. The outside was made out of a shiny black iron with spotless windows. A neat silver line decorated the upper-side, just below the roof. I sort of wondered how they managed to keep it so spotless. In 10 there was mud everywhere, also on the rail.
   As I stepped inside I saw it was worse than I'd thought. Everything was made of fake-wood and plushy soft reddish-brown fabric. It wasn't plaid or flannel like I was used to but more like something that might be velvet. I wasn't sure though because I'd never touched velvet in my life.
"Lovely," I muttered under my breath.
   Ahm and the 13-year-old, Oscar, were already inside. I saw Ahm ease down on a chair in the hallway as his eyes followed both Oscar and me closely. He observed us with a certain sickening kind of delight in his eyes as Oscar let his fingers slowly dance over the velvet covering th
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the 19th Hunger Games: ch.1
Chapter 1
It was a foggy morning, the morning of the reaping. It was cold too, a harsh spring filled with icy leftover winds from winter. Normally this would be one of my better days. I was always at my best on cold mornings. The meadows were so beautiful, covered in clouds of white, dew on the tip of every blade of grass, silhouettes of ranchers and herds, sometimes dogs sprinting through the bushes… Life in ten wasn't all that bad. But it wasn't like that for everyone. It wasn't like that for the parents of lost tributes. It wasn't like that for the tribute's sisters, brothers, grandparents… It wasn't like that for those who had lost someone. But I tried not to think about that too much. My life was pretty much okay and my chances of being reaped where minor. I was 18, my last year in the reaping. Okay, my name was in there 28 times, as all the 18-year-olds had, but it could've been worse. My name could've been in there many more times if I'd gone for the tesserae. But I di
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serial killer for hire

... Iz me, you mofo!

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... ADDer and proudly so.

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... Definitely drinks too much.

... That's why she fell off the stairs once and couldn't remember... but realized that would explain the sour back in the morning xD

... Thinks demi latte means there's 50% less milk in a carton.

... Likes peanut butter/jelly.

... Knows it's highly dangerous to underestimate the viscosity of mud pools.

... Likes tax-free shopping.

... Yet the only problem is, when there's tax-free stuff, she never has money >.>

... Never knows what to say.

... Therefore hates awkward silences.

... Loves to search for the holy grail in her dreams.

... Has her phone filled with shameful music.

... Yet listens to it proudly so (but never admitting it).

... Always laughs at the n00bs.

... Even though she's one herself.

... Never listens.

... Yet pretends to.

... Is scared of nothing except clowns.

... Is only a god.

... Doesn't know what else to type here.

... Used to write her own name spelled wrong on test papers.

... Got lower grades because of that.

... Is gonna stop typing now.

... Says 'bye'.

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I was tagged by :iconjanuary-rose: so yeah, now I feel obliged to do this x'D

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

Okay, first 11 things (pfffff, that's a lot!) about me. Right, here we go.
1. I'm an atheist who studies religion and every now and then pretends to be a christian
2. I've read the Hunger Games series only twice because I'm afraid if I read it to much it'll spoil the fun
3. I play guitar
4. This summer I'll be singing in church together with the reverent
5. I pretty much devour books
6. Gaining information constantly is as important to me as water is to a fish
7. I tend to get mad at teachers at least once a day
8. My favorite piece of clothing is my down with the capitol t-shirt
9. I wear so much jewelry, people tend to call me jewelry box with legs (except for my dad, he calls me a christmas tree)
10. I smoke too much
11. I hardly ever learn from my mistakes

So, now the questions :iconjanuary-rose: wanted me to answer.
1. What is the greatest thing that's ever happened to you?
-Uh... realizing what my goal in life is
2. What is your favourite animal?
3. What is something you like about your country?
-There's nothing to like about this country xD But if I really must answer it, I'd say the city Groningen.
4. Do you have a pet, and if so what is it's name?
-In my own home I don't have pets but in my parent's home I've got multiple. Two dogs, named Nancy and Wooly. Three cats, Blinky, Panda and Tom. Two chinchilla's, Sam and Max (from Sam and max hit the road xD ) ALso there's chickens and fishes, but they don't have names.
5. What is your greatest fear?
6. Do you like the Hunger games?
7. The last thing that made you smile?
-Uh... getting complimented after a short speech.
8. What book are you currently reading?
-I chose freedom by Victor Kravchenko
9. What is the closest photo near you of?
-Me and Walter Koenig. Really funny too cause he's the star, but he's smiling like I'm his greatest idol while I tried maintaining my cool face x'D
10. If you could kiss anyone who would it be?
-Jason Momoa. I'd definitely do him too.
11. How many friends do you have on dA?
-I honestly have no idea x'D

Okay! Now it's time to tag! Oh gods... No. I'm not gonna do it. I hate tagging.


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